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vennad kuubal | браццы на кубе | brothers on cuba

natuke pilte | немножко фоток | some photos

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kuuba reisijutt

esialgu vaid eesti keeles, на русском чуть позже, and english also a bit later (at least i will try to)

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projekt - "otseeter" | проeкт - "прямой эфир" | project "live broadcast" - VOL 2

jutt eesti keeles

на русском языке

in english

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proekt "korteri remont" | проект "ремонт квартиры" :)

ремонт (в основном) закончен, немножко текста | remont on enamasti läbi, veidi juttu

на русском | eesti keeles

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project - "live broadcasting" | проeкт - "прямой эфир" | projekt - "otseeter"

lugu eesti keeles

на русском языке

story in english

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loomabeebits :)

sihukese asja siis vanaema kinkis lapselapsele :)

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norway, 2009

trip to norway from 14th to 25th of june, some photos, story to follow later

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valga carstop rahvaralli 2009

added links to galleries around the net. see here.

new album

here you go, some clicks from iphone - click here

a bit of updates

updates in eesti elu

some iphone pics and a bit of news from flat4online saga

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