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1st april

i order quite a lot of stuff on the net. rc plane parts, some DIY stuff and so on.. so when i got another package today i didn't really _read_ address - though, i probably should have had :)


so, the package.. and i did _not_ read where it is from.. :)

as said, i was just curious "what else have i ordered that arrived today?!"

show me

show me

show me

show me....



a stamp???


that's kind of... weird? did i really order one? really-really?

not that i would remember such order... emm...


holdon, what does it say?..




wait, why sass and ramon are so happy damn happy??




rrright :))) NOW i finally get it, captain slow as i am :)))



 best ever 1st april :) tears in my eyes and colleagues from other teams wondering what the hell is happening in pstn again :))


p.s. love you guys :)

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