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rally live broadcast @ - VOL2

here you can read VOL1

this time saaremaa "everyone's rally" :)

so, little changes in setup compared to first attempt

  • panasonic cf-52 "toughbook" instead of asus eeepc
  • video and sound, this time over skype

"director" in charge was me (in skype tallinn office), elvis as a pilot (saaremaa)

we got 2 stages with pretty good quality - video on youtube, recorded live: ss1 ss2

we didn't record anything between stages, but picture and (especially) sound was of very good quality all the time.

and then we've got couple of drawbacks.. first, and most important - we've lost internet connectivity. right before starting to ss3 router that shared internet in car just disappeared (i was pinging it constantly). after finishing ss3 guys restarted router, and it seemed that everything will go well, but then we lost internet again.. so, team was heading to ss4 and promised to check everything on start. but then co-pilot did a mistake, and team was late to ss4, got penalized and of course they didn't have time to check videostuff... guys were pretty nervous, so after ss4 they went directly to ss5 where they had to change tyres.. unfortunately things didn't go well there either, so they just didn't have time and went straight to stage. on stage now pilot makes a mistake, and right wishbone was gone... after that the main effort was to complete rally, and it was dark already - so we didn't bother restoring connection anymore..

concluding - we've got only stage 1 and 2...

after finishing we've discovered that router's power cable was not properly attached, so 2 stages router was running on batteries..

somewhat surprisingly we've got quite big number of users watching, at peak a bit over 300 (most of them probably came through announcement on people were chatting and commenting about event, all live - so it was pretty cool experience :)

we've got couple of ideas how to make stuff even more interesting - communicating results in live, phonecalls (using skypeout) to teams, camera to servicepark to see what's happening there and all that kind of stuff :)

concluding - even this event was quite short i'd say there is some future for this kind of low-budget videobroadcasting stuff :)


eesti energia for internet -
atoy automotive for liquids - (liqui moly oil)
falmek for preparing the car -
skype for all other kind of support - (skype client, of course)

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