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rally live broadcast @

so, we've managed to do that - first ever ;) live broadcasting from rally car in estonia, right from stage :) on läänemaa rahvaralli, 12 september 2009

those who helped to make it happen

  • asus eeepc - sammy borrowed, thanks (have to mention that sammy also gave invaluable advice on encoding options and solution in general)
  • highdef logitech webcam - skype borrowed, thanks
  • kõu home solution as isp - eesti energia borrowed, thanks
  • free service provider for streaming video solutions - so that public can see what's happening -, thanks
  • director on the main switch, person who was restarting endlessly dropping streams on serverside and did recordings we can watch now - velvo elm

biggest problem we had were internet connectivity interruptions... let's put it that way - if you're driving 100+kmh through the forest - connection will drop from time to time :) even we had installed "home solution" with two car antennas - we lost connection from time to time... and when stream disconnected - you had to manually restart thing on main server, and in eeepc also - which is quite boring, really.

here's how picture looked like (yes, i know it sucks, but still you can see something), ss1:

driving on next stage (very long video, skip it - adding it here just so you can see the quality):

one more stage


driving to next stage..

"lilleõis" :)


all those videos were running live in exactly the same quality - so in my opinion that's great achievement :) any comments/questions - write me kronja at :)

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