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you can visit and read - here,

it's not really about my *personal* thoughts or feelings, more about things i love doing :)

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youtube channel

my videos channel on youtube here:

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kurat ma ütlen miks selliseid asju tehakse??

alles ma postitasin teemal, kuidas

dalai lama bin ladeni surmast räägib

seda või toda (vastavalt uudise avaldaja soovile), ja nüüd on meil täpselt sama näide meie endi ajalehtedest. wtf??


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reading news - whom can you trust?

so, dalai lama and death of osama bin laden..

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flying styuff

as many of you know, i got addicted :) so, here you can watch my "collection": (it's not just flying, but a lot of it is flying)

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flying in pirita

10th april, 2011 - here or here

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1st april

i got one :)


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flying near paldiski

rc plane + gopro camera =

video editing by Tarmo

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lisalugu ;) tekstidesse

ühe riigi lühiajalugu :)

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норвегия | norway | norra


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