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about national pride

Posted by kronja (kronja) on Jan 21 2012
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my colleague andres jaan tack wrote on his wall in facebook:

I love how Sumo wrestling is so often mentioned in Estonian news. Does that happen in any other Western culture?!

i have been trying (or willing) to write about this couple of times already (and yes, i know carlin said it already and obviously better than i could even dream of). nevertheless, some of my thoughts

people are lazy, stupid or just not motivated to achieve something themselves. it's so comfy to relax on a coach in front of tv and scream "yeah, estonians|russian|british|whatever else RULE!!". and you have to absolute idiot to do so. why? because (except some rare cases) nationality does not have anything to do with particular achievement. that someone trained, or studied, or worked hard to achieve something and he/she succeeded because of his/her efforts. nation has nothing to do with it, face it. which means, being proud of "estonian who did X" or "Y" - it's just pointless.

my name is jaan. my colleague's name is jaan tack. there is also one very famous and intelligent person, his name is also jaan. jaan tallinn. now imagine i would be proud of jaan tallinn, because his name is jaan? we are "kinda" in the same club - jaan's club. it's kinda warm feeling - wow, jaan's are so famous around the world, we must be very special. fuck yeah. and i am jaan also - that makes me soooooooooo special. let me open another beer and feel that pride inside me. naah, that's a life - we, jaans', are so smart and cool guys.

sounds stupid? hey, that's what estonian media does - they are mostly writing about things where estonians accomplish something. they grow that "proud" feeling, national pride. so that every asshole can go to japan (tõnu, if you happen to read it - it's not about you) and say to locals - "baruto? yeah, he is estonian. JUST LIKE ME"

p.s. it's not "estonians", where this bullshit happens. it's everywhere. listen to carlin here - nobody can say better than him.. (here is longer version)

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