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mr putin and why we hate him

Posted by kronja (kronja) on Mar 20 2012
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i've been reading quite a lot of russian blogs lately (VERY different views from very different people) and at some point i realized, that mr putin is truly extraordinary person. see yourself:

russian democratic opposition believes he's a tyrant and his only goal is to reestablish russian empire, he is lying to western countries when talking about democratic reforms (and he cheated on elections). and he established almost communist regime (suppressing businesses etc)

russian communist opposition believes mr putin is a traitor, who has sold interests of working class to western big corporations and ordinary people in russia are groaning under yoke of capitalist bloodsuckers

russian nationalist opposition believes mr putin is a traitor, because he is not standing for interests of über-russians and is not working to reestablish russian empire, that there are millions immigrants from caucasus in moscow and he didn't nuke those checnenian bastards. and those gay cocksuckers are still not in prison

russian gay activists believe that despite being sexy and cute mr putin is generally bad, because under his regime lgbt groups are still under heavy pressure and this is against western liberal values


and it's of course not complete list..

so many putins and so many reasons to hate him..


p.s. no, i'm not in love - i'm just observing

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