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need your help

Posted by kronja (kronja) on Mar 03 2013
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well the help i need is probably not the type of help people usually ask for :) so here's the story and i'll try to be short

i have been working whole my life (except 2 early years in mcdonalds) in it/telecommunications. a bit more than a year ago i discovered that my investments in my latest hobby - which is aerial cinematography - exceeded something i would call "reasonable amount" and i founded company that would offer filming from above (for money). you can find more information here: i told to myself at the time - "i like to make these videos because it makes people feel good. people will see something from completely new angle". i thought that it is cool thing to do – create positive emotions in people, that "wow" effect :)

personal life.. even now when i'm closer to 40 than 30 i don't have that inner urge to sit down and be a husband and proper father (but i still absolutely love my 2 daughters). i don't know what it is, something that doesn't let me just calm down and enjoy what i already have. so during the last 5 years i got a motorcycle license, spent a lot of time in amateur rallying, got my diving certificate, made my first steps on snowboarding and built about 10 different sized flying machines with cameras attached to them.. last year i've travelled about 20000km through europe on roadtrips, filmed about 2 terabytes of raw video, did first paragliding flight (tandem) and i don't feel that i am getting enough of it...

however, over the last couple of months i couldn't get rid of thinking about what it is that forces me to move, why is there that inner uncomfortable feeling, what exactly is it that itches and burns inside? i somehow realized that whilst i do still love filming from above, it is also clear to me that "entertaining" (making people "wow" is actually just entertaining. something that clowns do) is not enough. maybe it is just plain wrong. i want to be able to change the way people think, the way people behave. humankind is spending too much time on technology that just "entertains"... which is not necessarily bad, except when it forces peoples brains to desperately seek for more entertainment. you get addicted to that shit and then you only come out to the streets when your rights to have more entertainment are suddenly put at risk (strong exaggeration ;) ). short version - i thought that i need to take some time off


after all that long and boring text, a couple of words about myself :) 

i speak, read and write russian, estonian and english and i could probably wake up my german and swedish. i survived in cuba, but it was probably thanks to my nice smile and the friendly cubans, rather than my spanish :) i can drive, dive, cook (not in that particular order). i can help to build infosystems and collect data. i can assemble and fly drones and copters and make them take photos and videos. i know a little bit about shooting video, i know a little bit about how to put a film together, i know a little bit about photography and i also have some experience with broadcasting on the internet. then i have loads of crap that can be used to do all that stuff :) i usually get along with people, i don't have any life-threatening allergies and not too many phobias. i have travelled quite a lot and am fine living both in a tent or a 5-star hotel :) as a downside, i probably have to mention that i am not consuming alcoholic beverages (not anymore at least) and i don't like fanatics (even when they fight for good). i also have 7+ years of experience in billing systems, mediation and similar, in the area of mobile telecom and for the last 8+ years, i have been running a team responsible for the technical operation of interconnect/telco services in skype - but those things are not that relevant here. actually, here you can read my cv - which has stayed in "to be continued" mode for the last 2 or 3 years :)


and now FINALLY to the point

i have plenty of unused vacation and i want to spend it away from home doing something useful. wildlife preservation projects, national parks, research expeditions, environmental activism - anything that would be potentially interested in using small flying machines/drones for aerial mapping, observation, exploration or just making an eye-opening film. send me links, ideas or give me direct contacts - it would be much appreciated :) or just share with those who you think might point me to the right direction..

email:, facebook:

or just skype me: kronja

p.s. it really has to be "away from home" time, so this time i am not considering local projects in estonia

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