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reading news - whom can you trust?

Posted by kronja (kronja) on May 13 2011
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so, dalai lama and death of osama bin laden..


Духовный лидер тибетцев Далай-лама XIV Тенцзин Гятцо заявил, что опечален убийством лидера "Аль-Каиды" Усамы бен Ладена. По его словам, действия США можно сравнить с казнью через повешение иракского диктатора Саддама Хусейна.

short translation - dalai lama is sad because of al quaeda leader murder osama ben laden. he says, what U.S. did to osama can be compared to saddam execution over the hanging


.. in an appearance Tuesday at USC, he appeared to suggest that the United States was justified in killing Osama bin Laden.


During a public lecture on ethics at the University of Southern California on Tuesday, he was asked whether ensuring justice ever trumps the need for compassion. The question explicitly referred to Osama bin Laden, who was killed Sunday night during a U.S. raid in Pakistan’s town of Abbottabad. [cut] Wednesday, speaking at USC the Dalai Lama “said [that] in the case of bin Laden, his action was of course destructive and the September 11 events killed thousands of people…so his action must be brought to justice.” The Los Angeles Times, on Wednesday wrote that this meant the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism implied Osama bin Laden’s death was justified. But in its statement, the Tibetan Government in Exile disagreed.


we can sometimes hear here, that russian media channels (newspapers/tv/etc) are manipulating news and facts, doing all kinds of propaganda, and that this all is happening "thanks to putin regime"..

i don't know if you see the same; for me personally this story is another proof that it actually does not much matter what "the regime" is, newspapers are not worth trust anyways..

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